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Since 1953, Crary Drug has offered independent pharmacy services, believing in local, friendly, personalized care. Inside our doors, you will find caring and knowledgeable pharmacists trained to answer your prescription and health-related questions.  Also, we understand that keeping more money in your pocket for you and your family is a top priority. That's why we continuously look for ways to provide the services you need at the prices that fit your budget.

Complimentary Services

In order to best serve you, our pharmacy offers a wide variety of complimentary services, including prefilled prescription blister packs, compression stocking fittings, and free blood pressure checks.


Prefilled Prescription Blister Pack Service

Blister packs are a simple, safe and convenient medication distribution system offered to anyone who must take one or more medications.  No more bottles!  The pharmacist prepares a patient’s prescriptions and places the pills in the blister pack.  Each blister is personalized, detachable, and transparent. In addition they are color coded per dose, with the date and time to take the pills, enabling patients to bring their pills with them wherever they go so they can take them at the right time, making it easier to take medication and optimize treatment compliance.

Our Store

The Crary Drug team is committed to offering our community excellent service. You are able to park close to our building to pick up unique gift items and prescriptions that are often filled in 10 minutes or less.

Home Delivery Respiratory Medications

Crary Drug Respiratory Care is a complete unit dose aerosol home respiratory medication service that provides your patients with the therapies prescribed by you.   Deliveries are sent directly to the patients home through the United Parcel Service, Federal Express or United States Priority Mail.

Contact us with your phone number and Rx numbers to conveniently refill your prescription online.

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